Wealth & Generosity

Wealth & Generosity

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Are you ready for an enjoyable, line-upon-line Bible study on the subject of wealth and generosity? Are you ready for a faith-filled adventure to get wealth the way God intends? Are you ready to blow past your current ceiling of generosity to experience new joys in giving? IF SO, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

This book is for:

  • Anyone who wants to tap into God's economy and make an eternal difference with his or her life.
  • Those who grew up in the church, but never really understood the blessing of tithing.
  • People with big hearts, who don't fully understand the promises of multiplied fruit through offerings.
  • Those who want to help the poor, but don't know that alms are the way to partner with God Himself to help those in need.
  • Pastors, Leaders, and Difference Makers looking for an enjoyable, practical, simple, step-by-step teaching tool to help those they lead understand God's principals for creating wealth and living generously.

 In a personal and conversational way, Beth Jones takes the reader on a practical journey though the Bible to experience new levels of wealth and generosity. The four sessions include:

  • The Life of Wealth and Generosity
  • The Blessing of the Tithe
  • The Multiplied Fruit of Offerings
  • The Investment of Alms for the Poor