Getting A Grip On The Basics Of Serving God E-Book

Getting A Grip On The Basics Of Serving God E-Book

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God has a plan and purpose for your life. Your destiny is connected to your local church and the sooner you find your place of serving, the sooner you will experience all God has in store for you! So, where do you fit in God's plan? What gifts or talents has God given you for serving Him?

This workbook will help pastors, church leaders and believers discover their God-given destiny and His plan for service and leadership in the local church. Written by Christian author Beth Jones, this workbook is excellent for Bible study or church curriculum.

"The content in the book is reaffirming to our members that they are in a 'live and moving' church where Jesus is the focus. Many are excited to discover their spiritual gifts and how God wants to use them in the Body. Revelation and insight is flowing among the people because of the Serving God series." -Kim Tibbs, Kingdom Dominion Church

This workbook covers:

  • How to View the Big Picture
  • How to Tap Into God's Plan for Your Life
  • How to Lose Your Life
  • How to be Great in God's Kingdom
  • How to Find Your Place
  • How to Function in Your Local Church
  • How to Follow God's Plan for Spiritual Authority
  • How to be an Asset to Your Local Church and God's Kingdom
  • How to have Healthy Relationships Between Leaders and Followers
  • How to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing