Getting A Grip On The Basics For Teens

Getting A Grip On The Basics For Teens

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Today's young people are facing many challenges, temptations and world influences. The youth culture is rapidly changing, and we need to equip our kids with the Word for the things this generation faces every day.

This fill-in-the-blank workbook is written to help young people get into the Word, know God by learning how to use their own bibles, looking up their own verses and discovering the revelation of God's Word for themselves!

Written by Christian author Beth Jones, this workbook uses examples and language that will be relevant and appealing to teenagers. This book is also excellent for youth group or church curriculum.

This teen workbook covers:

  • How to be sure you're a Christian
  • How to talk to God
  • How to hear from God
  • How to be filled with the Spirit
  • How to overcome temptation
  • How to live in victory
  • How to serve God