Getting A Grip On The Basics Of Health & Healing | Russian

Getting A Grip On The Basics Of Health & Healing | Russian

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God has a plan for our health, healing and wholeness. He wants us to live in moderation, wisdom and divine health and His Word is loaded with His wisdom on how to do this. When we know His Word, we know His will and you will discover both in this basic fill-in-the-blank workbook.

Written by Christian author Beth Jones, this workbook uses examples and language that reveals what the Bible says about God's plan for health and healing. This book is excellent for believers at all stages in their walk with the Lord and is great for Bible study or church curriculum.

This workbook covers:

  • God's answers to common questions about healing
  • God's instructions for our physical health and well being
  • God's original plan for man's health in the Old Testament
  • God's redemptive work accomplished in Christ
  • God's plan for healing revealed through Jesus Christ
  • God's healing provision for New Testament believers
  • God's answer to health and healing hindrances
  • God's power for healing belongs to you